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Frequently Asked Questions

What is removal of?

reˈmoval noun. the act of removing or the state of being removed, especially the moving of furniture etc to a new home. After his removal from power, the dictator was sent into exile; Our removal is to take place on Monday; (also adjective) a removal van.

What is the meaning of removal?

removal(Noun) The process of moving, or the fact of being removed. removal(Noun) The relocation of a business etc. removal(Noun) The dismissal of someone from office. removal(Noun) (Ireland) a funeral ceremony involving prayers and meeting of the family, usually at the home of the deceased, and normally held on the evening prior to burial.

What is the removal of the stomach?

A full gastrectomy is the removal of the entire stomach. A sleeve gastrectomy is the removal of the left side of the stomach. This is usually performed as part of a surgery for weight loss. Removing your stomach doesn’t take away your ability to digest liquids and foods. However, you may need to make several lifestyle changes after the procedure.

What is the definition of removal?

Definition of 'removal'. removal. The removal of something is the act of removing it. What they expected to be the removal of a small lump turned out to be major surgery. Parliament had decided that his removal from power was illegal. ...popular methods of hair removal.

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