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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a Datadog-agent integration?

To remove an integration, use the datadog-agent integration remove command. The syntax for this command is datadog-agent integration remove <INTEGRATION_PACKAGE_NAME> where <INTEGRATION_PACKAGE_NAME> is the name of the integration prefixed with datadog-. For example, to remove the vSphere integration, run:

What is Datadog-dogstatsd?

This package is used in containerized environments where DogStatsD runs as a sidecar or environments running a DogStatsD server without full Agent functionality. The standalone DogStatsD package is installed with the Agent one-line install command except every occurrence of datadog-agent should be replaced with datadog-dogstatsd.

Why upgrade to the newest version of the Datadog agent?

Upgrade to the newest version to benefit from all new functionality. The Datadog Agent is software that runs on your hosts. It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog, where you can analyze your monitoring and performance data.

Where can I find the source code of Datadog agent V5?

Note: the source code of Datadog Agent v5 is located in the dd-agent repository. The general documentation of the project, including instructions for installation and development, is located under the docs directory of the present repo. To build the Agent you need: Go 1.15 or later.

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