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Frequently Asked Questions

What is restorative justice and how it can be used?

Restorative justice brings those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. This is part of a wider field called restorative practice. Restorative practice can be used anywhere to prevent conflict, build relationships and repair harm by enabling people to communicate effectively and positively.

What is restorative justice, and what does it involve?

Restorative justice is a process to involve to the extent possible, those who have a stake in a specific offense and to collectively identify and address harms, needs and obligations in order to heal and put things as right as possible.

What is meant by the term restorative justice?

A more formal definition is this: Restorative Justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that allow all willing stakeholders to meet, although other approaches are available when that is impossible.

What are the basic principles of restorative justice?

Principles of Restorative Justice say that when a person commits a crime: This is, first and foremost, an act against people and relationships; second, an act against the community and third, an act against the law. By committing the crime, the person creates an obligation to the victim, the community, and the state.

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