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Frequently Asked Questions

How much income do retirees really need?

How Much Income Do Retirees Have? As a general rule, you'll need about 70-80% of your pre-retirement income to maintain a similar standard of living in retirement and cover your expenses. This amount will generally cover the cost of healthcare, housing and other necessary expenses while also allowing a little freedom as well.

What are the worst States for retirees?

The worst state to retire was Kentucky, followed by New Jersey and Rhode Island. Falling in the middle of the pack, Illinois was named the 31st best state to retire, ranking near average or below average on many of the metrics Wallethub measured.

What is the best income generator for retirees?

9 Ways to Generate Retirement Income Laddered Bonds. A bond, like a CD, has a maturity date. ... Stock Dividend Income. ... High Yield Investments. ... Systematic Withdrawals From a Balanced Portfolio. ... Immediate Annuities. ... The Income for Life Model. ... Holistic Retirement Asset Allocation Plan. ...

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