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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp good for data science?

Moreover, if your goal is becoming a data scientist or a data analyst, Datacamp is good at teaching practical skills like programming itself but you won’t learn other skills like critical thinking needed for this job. This career track runs 76 hours and consists of 19 courses.

What is datdatacamp?

Datacamp is an interactive learning platform that teaches topics related to data science. The engaging and bite sized design of its courses are appealing to beginners and learners looking for active content. Its courses and track programs f ocus on gaining new skills and career paths.

Is data camp a good way to learn R?

Data Camp is an excellent online tool for learning data science. As a non-programmer, learning R, in particular, would have been nearly impossible without the brilliant courses offered. Data Camp has been an invaluable adjunct to the Coursera Data Science Specialisation.

How good is datdatacamp compared to Coursera?

Datacamp on the other hand, is good to understand the basic stuff of various technique and methodo I have taken Coursera and DataCamp for past fee years.

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