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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a RFC standard?

RFC States Standard Protocol: These are Internet Standards with a capital "S", which means that the IESG has approved it as a standard. If you are going to do what the protocol in the RFC does, you have to do it the way the RFC says to do it. Very few RFCs represent full Internet Standards.

What does RFC stand for in Information Technology?

RFC stands for Request for Comments. You might have RFC in various environments now, but traditionally what we mean with RFC on the Internet is a publication that's written by engineers and computer scientists, aimed at other professionals that work in the Internet sphere.

What does RFC stand for in security?

In making a decision on your claim, Social Security will determine your maximum Residual Functional Capacity, or RFC. Your RFC is the maximum functional ability that you retain when considering the combined effects of all of your medical impairments.

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