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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the RHAA do?

The RHAA sanctions local working ranch horse competitions, provides a uniform set of rules, qualifies working ranch horse competition judges, and promotes uniformity and consistency in judging. The RHAA seeks to accomplish these goals while maintaining traditional western influence with historic western sportsmanship and a cowboy ethic.

Where and when are Games held at RHAA?

Games will be held on Field 1 at the RHAA baseball complex at 5970 West Henrietta Rd, Henrietta on Sundays in June at 1pm. You may also open, print and mail your registration form with your check.

What is rhawa?

In an effort to serve all those in the rental housing industry regardless of geographic location in Washington, RHAWA expanded to become a statewide association in 2012. Currently made up of more than 5,000 members, we are the premier rental housing association in Washington State.

Why janjanet for RHAA?

Janet has provided RHAA project accounting and financial support since 1998. Her prior experience includes project accounting and software implementation in both the technical and manufacturing fields. Living and working local allows Janet to bike commute and to help reduce her carbon footprint.

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