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Frequently Asked Questions

How to deal with rhaast?

As a Rhaast you will need exec and make sure you Can Land your W so be patient soon as she uses Q you must throw W immediately luckily if she ults you will benefit more cause you can sustain more and she wont be able to kite out faster.

How to play rhaast as a Kayn form?

Both kayn forms start to fall off so you have to play off the main carry (mid/adc) so either look to one shot there mid/adc as shadow assassin or Look to peel for your backline as Rhaast.

How good is rhaast at medium?

I only put him at medium because he is very overpowered in the current meta, he typically isn't a big deal for Rhaast but he is a big deal for your team because he sets his team up very easily. If you get perma cc’d you won't be able to do much in fights.

What are the best runes for rhaast?

For runes its mostly always the same for Rhaast. Taking Conqueror for extra AD, True Damage and Healing. Rhaast like extended fights so its a great rune overall! Triumph for healing after takedowns. Legend of Tenacity is great and consistent.

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