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Frequently Asked Questions

What battery goes in a riding lawn mower?

Riding mowers typically depend on a 12-volt battery that resembles a smaller version of those used in automobiles. A few mowers use a 6-volt battery instead. Regardless of the size, a riding lawn mower’s battery produces the power necessary to crank the engine at start up.

Where is the battery on a riding lawn mower?

Locate the battery in your lawnmower. Riding mowers battery placement is under either the seat or the hood. Push mower batteries are generally on the deck near the handle in a black box.

Who makes Craftsman riding lawn mowers?

The Swedish company, Husqvarna, purchased by the Electrolux Corporation in 1978, is the primary manufacturer of Craftsman lawnmowers that include its line of gas-powered and electric models utilizing Briggs and Stratton or Honda engines.

Does a lawn mower take regular gas?

Lawn mower engines tend to be low compression and tuned less radically, so they don't need high octane gas to operate properly. There is no gas consumption advantage to using premium gas in an engine that is tuned to use regular gas. However, using high octane gas won't harm your engine either.

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