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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a danger of race riots in Hartford?

“No Danger of Race Riots in Hartford Police Officials Say.” It was August 4, 1919. Hartford’s black clergymen feared that the white mob violence raging through seven US cities could very well take place in their own city.

What happened in Hartford in 1967?

The frustration of Blacks across the country, including those in Hartford, passed the boiling point during 1967. The city of Hartford, Connecticut was a city that was much like the rest of the United States during the 60's, loaded with civil unrest that would build into tension that would be released through a series of riots in 1967 & 1969.

What was the purpose of the urban riots of the 1960s?

The urban riots of the ’60s illustrated the reality of race relations in America and the frustration of the reality Blacks in America were faced to endure. After experiencing extreme frustration over constant discrimination and segregation, the riots were their attempt to make their voices heard and initiate change.

What caused the Los Angeles riots of August 10?

On Sunday, August 10, riots were sparked by rumors that the Comancheros, a white motorcycle gang, had assaulted an elderly Puerto Rican on the South Green.

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