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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the protests taking place in Australia?

A major rally also took place in Melbourne and other protests were being held nationwide. More than 50 people were charged with offenses in Sydney, David Elliott, police and emergency services minister for New South Wales, told reporters.

What's happening in Melbourne?

Riot police in Australia's second-most-populous city, Melbourne on Tuesday fired pepper balls, tear gas, and rubber pellets on the anti-lockdown demonstrations as violent clashes erupted with reports of anti-vaxxers hijacking the rally.

Why did the Victorian Government shoot peaceful protestors in Melbourne?

On day three of the Melbourne labor union protests against the brutal COVID lock-downs and forced mRNA genetic experiments, the Victorian government decided to open fire upon the peaceful protestors.

Where did the protesters in Melbourne's CBD meet?

The group of protesters was originally meant to meet in Melbourne CBD - on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets - at 10am but six different locations were announced during the day, causing confusion. Thousands of protesters took over the CBD this week rallying across city streets, including desecrating the Shrine of Remembrance on Wednesday.

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