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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any current riots?

Protests have erupted in more than 30 cities across the nation, as of Friday, while at least 25 cities have imposed curfews and activated their National Guard forces, CNN reported Sunday. Newsweek Newsletter sign-up >

What was the worst race riot?

The worst of the violence occurred in Chicago. It remains the worst race riot in Illinois history, with 23 blacks and 15 whites killed. The riot started with a white man heaving rocks at random black people swimming in Lake Michigan.

What is the worst riot in American history?

- April 30-May 1, 1992: The worst riots in US history take place in Los Angeles, with a toll of 59 dead and more than 2,300 injured. The violence was set off by the acquittal of four white police officers who were caught on camera beating up a black man, Rodney King, after stopping his car.

What was the Atlanta Race Riot?

The Atlanta race riot of 1906 was an attack of armed white mobs against blacks in Atlanta, Georgia (United States), which began the evening of September 22 and lasted through September 24, 1906. The events were covered internationally, including by the French Le Petit Journal and other newspapers, and was described as a "racial massacre of negroes".

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