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Frequently Asked Questions

What are riot-control tactics?

Riot-control tactics are designed to disperse the crowd and minimize injuries. Learn about riot-control tactics and how riot-control training is conducted. The tactics used to control riots in the past were simple -- they were based on the fact that the police were almost always better-armed than the rioters.

How do the police deal with rioters?

Today, the police are still well-armed, but tactics have advanced significantly in hopes of preventing injuries. When a riot is in full swing, police will deploy in a square formation with a command team at the center. The command team is protected on all four sides by echelons of troops deployed in groups of 10 or 12 officers.

Where did protests take place in the United States?

Demonstrations took place in major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as in Minneapolis. Floyd died in Minneapolis on May 25 after police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes during his arrest. Protests in response to the death of George Floyd rocked the U.S. this past weekend.

How many people were arrested in the Myrtle Beach Riot?

Six people were arrested for assault on police officers, 10 were arrested for simple assault, four for riotous acts, two for crossing a police line and one for possession of a prohibited weapon -- a Taser, the mayor's office said.

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