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Frequently Asked Questions

Which map has a fast iron forge in bedwars?

The Gateway map has a fast iron forge. Bedwars maps with a fast iron helps you buy materials faster. You can choose to rush your side opponent, or through the middle island. Both require 48 blocks.

How many maps are there in bedwars?

In BedWars, there are various maps for each of the four gamemodes. Each map has its unique look and feel, as well as a distinct concept. There are currently 13 maps in rotation for Squads. There are currently 14 maps in rotation for Doubles. Many of these maps are Squads maps but smaller and with more teams.

Are the Hypixel bedwars maps different?

- Welcome to the Bedwars Hub! Bedwars Maps – All Guides! All Hypixel Bedwars Maps Guides! All Hypixel Bedwars maps are different, but some of them share similarities. Such as slow Forge or fast Forge.

How many blocks do you need to forge in bedwars?

The Sky Rise map has a fast iron forge. The side rush on this map requires 64 blocks, so most players prefer rushing through the diamond generator which requires 48 blocks. You need 32 blocks if you only want to go to the diamond island. The Solace is also a slow forge Bedwars map. Luckily you only need 32 blocks to get to your opponents base.

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