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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship rooted cuttings?

Keep the cutting in the water until you're ready to box it up and ship it. When it's time, take one large (or two small) paper towels and soak them in water (barely wring excess water out). Wrap the wet paper towel around the roots and fold the paper towel into a small pocket around the roots. Slip it into a plastic bag and secure.

What are root cuttings?

Root cutting. Root cuttings are pieces of root cut from plants that you want to propagate. Take cuttings from root growth in late winter or early spring, before the plant breaks dormancy. Roots have high levels of carbohydrates before they begin their spring growth, and the cuttings are more likely to be successful.

Can bamboo plants be rooted by cuttings?

While there are hundreds of varieties of bamboo, most can be propagated by cuttings. This process involves selecting a young healthy bamboo stock, cutting off a small section and allowing to grow in water until roots appear from the base of the cut stock.

Will cuttings from sea lavender take root?

Dust the cut-end of each cutting with rooting hormone and then bury the bottom one-third of the cuttings in the moistened rooting medium. Most lavender cuttings will root in four to six weeks if they are kept under warm, humid and bright conditions.

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