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Frequently Asked Questions

What is root or being rooted mean?

root(noun) (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground. ... beginning, origin, root, rootage, source(noun) the place where something begins, where it springs into being.

What is the opposite of rooted?

Near Antonyms for rooted. brief, ephemeral, fleeting, impermanent, interim, momentary, provisional, short-lived,

What is a synonym for rooting?

Synonyms for Rooting: v. •installing (verb) fixing, Implanting, grafting, positioning, Initiating, Ensconcing, putting, locating, installing, Embedding, building in, Placing, Inserting, connecting, Instating, planting, Establishing.

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