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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RS3 coming to mobile?

RS3 coming out on mobile! Runescape 3 soon playable on your mobile device! Good news for people who play Runescape 3, players will be able to consider the newest version of Runescape as a mobile game in the near future, instead of Old School Runescape only.

Is RS3 or 07 more popular?

RS3 is more popular in the sense that there are more players, 07 has more bots. Some people claim the 07 community is better than the rs3 community but is say they are both pretty balanced in their manner of shittiness, but that's just my opinion.

What to do in RS3?

Things High Level Players NEED/Should do in Rs3 (Suggestions) Player owned ports mini game for the superior, permanent Tetsu, Death lotus and sea singer armours as well as scrimshaws. Buying Dual drygore weapons for the best melee damage in the game. Doing the Sinkholes D&D daily for very good dungeoneering xp and tokens.

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