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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Croesus work?

Croesus will automatically rot and destroy any fungi carried into the fight from the outside in the player's inventory. In private instances, up to 50 players can fight Croesus, while this is capped at 18 for public instances.

Is Croesus a good boss in Minecraft?

Croesus is a skilling boss focused around Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, and Hunter. The encounter is considered to be safe, as the player passes out instead of dying and is simply removed from the arena in the event of failure. The boss has a very generous drop table with very little investment on the player's side.

How do I beat Croesus?

Coordination is essential for defeating Croesus. Voice chat, while optimal, is by no means required, though in-game chat should be used for call outs at the very least. It is essential to avoid Croesus' attacks, as each failed mechanic strengthens the boss (visible as the orange bar below its health).

How does the rot bar work in Croesus?

Croesus has a rot bar, located under the health bar, that fills slowly over time. The percentage also increases when players are hit by the special attacks. If the rot bar reaches 100% and the boss is not subdued, a cutscene will play in which everyone in the arena flees as Croesus becomes too strong, resetting the fight.

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