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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a pizza in RuneScape?

This is how to make a pizza in Runescape. Mix the jug of water and the pot of flour together to create a pizza base. Right click on the tomato and "use" it on the pizza base.

What is a pizza base used for in Minecraft?

A pizza base is an ingredient used to make pizza. It can be made by using water with a pot of flour, awarding the player with 1 Cooking experience, and requires a Cooking level of 35 to make. It can be used with a tomato and cheese to make an uncooked pizza, which can then be cooked.

Why choose r'pizza place?

Voted best pizza in all of Northeast Ohio in 2020! At R' Pizza Place we R' home to truly "made from scratch" pizza. We are not a chain, we are locally owned and family run. Our belief is that huge advertising budgets and gimmicks don't make good food, but rather fine ingredients combined with the owners hands on expertise make great pizza!

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