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Frequently Asked Questions

What are warbands in RuneScape?

Wilderness Warbands are a Distraction&Diversion in RuneScape. Approximately every 7 hours a warband wave will start and warband camps will appear in one of three random locations in the wilderness on every RuneScape world. Players must fight off each other and the warband camp NPC's to loot supplies from the camp.

Where can I find more information about wilderness warbands?

Visit the official PVP, Minigames and D&Ds forum for more information. Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous members -only Distraction and Diversion, composed of heavily defended storage camps guarded by the followers of the different Gods, though they fight more for glory and not for the gods themselves.

Where can I find untradable warband supplies?

However, Warband supplies are converted to the untradable variant within these zones. Thus, they can be used to hop to another world with an inactive warbands camp or to logout without losing Warband supplies. Corporeal Beast Lair: found in level 33 Wilderness, east of the Lava Maze camp, and west of the Red Dragon Isle camp.

What happened to warbands?

Warbands were "tweaked" on 11 June 2013. The tweaks were: Synchronised worlds, as before players could hop from world to world to gain massive amounts of experience (and possibly profit) per warband. Each one now occurs every 7 hours.

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