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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zuk immune to soul split?

Zuk is the final enemy in the encounter. He appears sitting on his throne in wave one, but is immune to all attacks aside from the times he is attackable after the igneous waves. He does not retaliate if attacked, allowing players to safely Soul Split off him and stack Storm Shards. Zuk has a Defence level of 80 with 1,924 armour.

How do I beat Zuk and tzekhaar?

All three TzekHaar must be killed to gain charges, as around 20 seconds after the Mej appears, Zuk will begin to channel the lava for an instant kill attack, indicated by him saying Flames unending... and an adrenaline bar over him.

How does Zuk's first attack work?

Zuk's first attack is always Geothermal Burn ( You will break beneath me!), functioning similarly to the Ket-Zek's, albeit lasting shorter and disabling defensive abilities on hit. The player should use Freedom to remove the bleed.

How many waves do you have to fight Zuk in Minecraft?

There are 17 waves in total before the player can fight Zuk. Checkpoints are given after each challenge wave, which occurs on waves 5, 10, and 15. During waves 4, 9, and 14, three Igneous TzekHaar will spawn. These come with a passive healing that heals them for 2,500 every few ticks.

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