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Frequently Asked Questions

What is s-yard all about?

S-Yard has no where near the resources of Endo (though Endo does produce their clubs), so Mr. Kobayashi has only himself to depend on as he leads a re-birth of the S-Yard brand. In full circle, Mr Kobayashi’s first focus at S-Yard was to create an all new driver.

What is the s-yard XT?

Of the 3 drivers, the XT may very well be the least known from S-Yard. It was designed by Mr. Kobayashi BUT while he was still the chief designer and President of Endo Manufacturing. The XT wields all of Endo’s top materials and manufacturing processes.

What is the s-yard t388?

The S-Yard T.388 features an active head structure with an advanced hybrid cup face featuring variable thickness lateral “RIBS” which work to increase ball speeds and enhance feel at impact. The cup face is plasma welded to the body creating a huge sweet spot.

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