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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors go best with sage green?

Sage green goes well with other natural shades like browns, beiges and taupes as well as white. For a stark contrast, you can mix it with a deep purple or a light pink.

Is sage green considered a neutral color?

Sage green is a gender-neutral color that is commonly used in home decorating. Not only is this cool color relaxing and visually pleasing, but it also coordinates well with a variety of other colors, making it a versatile color to decorate with.

Is sage green a cool or warm color?

Cool sage greens have undertones of blue and grey, whereas warm sage greens have red or yellow undertones. Compare several sage-green paint swatches side-by-side to see which most closely matches the space's existing color. Crisp white accents match warm and cool green hues perfectly.

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