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Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Sakura Swim Club are available?

Two digital versions of Sakura Swim Club are available: the full game on Denpasoft and a cut version on Steam without the adult content. A free official patch released by Winged Cloud is available to add the adult content from the Denpasoft version to the Steam version.

What is Sakura Swim Club about?

In Sakura Swim Club, follow the story of Kaede, just your average guy. Upon transferring to a new school, he meets two beautiful girls in the swim club. Things haven't gone well for the swim club lately, but with Kaede's help, that all changes.

What is Sakura school simulator?

SAKURA School Simulator is an excellent 'High School SIM game' that has charming graphics and tons of alternative possibilities. Players can do practically anything they want within the beautiful (and wild) vicinity of Sakura Town.

What are the Best Sakura-themed games on Steam?

Winged Cloud, the developer behind the popular Sakura Spirit title, has more than a handful of their now-popular Sakura-themed titles on Steam. Out of all the visual novels titles from Winged Cloud, one of their earlier titles, released in 2015, still stands as one of the best in their library: Sakura Swim Club.

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