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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is a SCAG mower?

Luckily, Scag seems to understand just how hot mid-summer weather can be. The company’s Cheetah riding mower is designed to travel as fast as 16 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest such models on the market.

How do you start a craftsman riding lawn mower?

Insert the riding mower ignition key into the ignition switch and turn the key to the right. Allow the starter to crank the engine for 15 seconds. If the motor does not start, turn the key off and wait 10 seconds. Turn the key back to start and crank the starter for 15 seconds.

Do lawn mowers need a muffler?

If you need a new lawn mower muffler, exhaust manifold, muffler guard, or exhaust pipe, Jack's has the parts to keep your equipment quiet. A small engine muffler helps reduce the noise level of your generators, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other power equipment.

Can I hose off my lawn mower?

Hose off any grass or dirt from under the mower. NEVER PUT YOUR HAND UNDER THE MOWER. Disconnect the spark plug to prevent any accidental starting. Allow the underneath to dry and then spray with WD40 or similar oil also works well. This step will seal under the deck and prevent rust from starting.

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