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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about Scarlett oak?

Typically love the Scarlett Oak but I felt a little like I was at the 99 this time. LOts of people waiting in the tavern made entrance/exit crowded. Seating was crowded. I appreciate the brown paper table covers for saving water but perhaps something a little more elegant would elevate the experience rather than being utilitarian.

What is the seating like at scarlet oak?

Love Scarlet Oak! The seating by the fireplace is casual and first come, first serve, but really cozy and comfortable. I love the dining room but there can be a long wait without reservations.

Is Scarlet Oak Tavern an urban legend?

On a rainy Thursday, a friend and I cozied up to the bar at Scarlet Oak Tavern, eager to finally learn whether the salacious rumors surrounding the restaurant are anything more than urban legend. The bar was crowded for a weeknight. “Everyone’s waiting out the rain on the drive home from work”, the bartender ventured.

Where does the food come from at the scarlet oak?

It menu focuses on updated American classics using locally-sourced foods. A significant portion of its produce comes from its own farm, the Gibbet Hill Farm in Groton, MA. M…… Is the scarlet oak a good venue to connect with lifestyle couples and singles ?

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