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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scene?

Kids Definition of scene 1 : a division of an act in a play 2 : a single interesting or important happening in a play or story a fight scene 3 : the place of an event or action the scene of a crime

How does sceneconstruct work?

Constructs a scene consisting of a root, with a dimension of width and height, specifies whether a depth buffer is created for this scene and specifies whether scene anti-aliasing is requested. Creates a Scene for a specific root Node with a specific size and fill.

What is the difference between an act and a scene?

scene - a subdivision of an act of a play; "the first act has three scenes". dramatic composition, dramatic work - a play for performance on the stage or television or in a movie etc. act - a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet.

What do you think about scenekids?

Scene kids make fun of others who aren't like them. Many scene kids think they are non-conformist, although you take a look through myspace and you'll see a million others just like them. They quote movie lines over and over showing the lack of originality they actually have.

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