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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy appliances with scratches and dents in CT?

Discount scratch and dent appliances in CT and other states are getting more popular especially among budget conscious customers of home appliances. If you are indeed lucky, you can buy one with no visible scratches and dents, yet pay really low prices for the items.

Does Buzaid have appliances in CT?

Buzaid-Mutual Appliances With locations in Brookfield and Danbury, Buzaid probably has a vast selection of scratch and dent appliances in Connecticut. You can purchase washers, dryers, ovens, ranges, cooktops, stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Where can I buy appliances in Danielson CT?

Bousquet Appliance is a family owned Appliances and Electronics store located in Danielson, CT. We offer the best in home Appliances and Electronics at discount prices. Skip disability assistance statement. Welcome to our website!

Why scratch&dent dishwashers?

Cleaning your dirty dishes just got easier. Never hand wash a dish again when you have a smart & sleek dishwasher doing all the dirty work for you. We work hard behind the scenes, providing top-quality Scratch & Dent appliances to appliance stores and dealers.

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