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Frequently Asked Questions

What are scratch and Dent appliances?

Scratch and Dent is when a manufacturer puts a physical blemish on an appliance, a dent or scrape. They are brand new and we offer a 6 Month Warranty on these products! The other type of appliance we sell is refurbished.

How good is the discount at scratch and Dent store?

The discount helped greatly and we honestly can't find the scratch or dent that allowed for the discount. We will head back there when we need to replace any appliances in the future. I first went there for a washer/dryer in spring 2017. I paid about half what I would have paid anywhere else. (It's a scratch and dent store.)

Where can I buy refurbished appliances in Minneapolis MN?

We are a major provider of NEW (scratch and Dent) and refurbished appliances in the south metro of Minneapolis / St Paul market. All of our appliances come with a parts and labor warranty. At Appliance ReNew, you can find quality New and used appliances to fit your needs and your budget.

Does Lowe’s have scratch and Dent appliances?

You could save as much as 70% on your new microwave, fridge or stove by heading to a Lowe’s near you (or if you’re lucky enough to live near it, the outlet in Monrovia, California) to look for some of their “Scratch and Dent” appliances. What Are Lowe’s Scratch And Dent Appliances?

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