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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Minecraft for Kindle Fire?

‘Minecraft’ Now on Kindle Fire. Fans of Minecraft have yet another platform to build on, with Mojang announcing yesterday that the Pocket Edition of the game is now available for Kindle.

Does the Kindle Fire have apps?

The Kindle Fire tablets use Amazon's Appstore instead, which has many, but not all of those Google Play Apps. But that's OK. If you have any other Android device and a PC or Mac around, you can use free tools to load almost any free Android app onto the Kindle Fire.

Can Amazon Kindle Fire get hacked?

Amazon Kindle Fire is generally safe, as long as you stick to apps from the Amazon Appstore. Amazon Kindle Fire also automatically updates its operating system, which adds a layer of foolproof to its security. On a very basic level, Kindle Fire is less likely to be hacked than a Windows-based tablet or a laptop.

Can my Kindle Fire HD be hacked?

Kindle Fire Gets Hacked; Now Equipped with ICS. And just like that, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is now equipped with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Just recently, a hacker (under the name of Steven) uploaded a video of how he successfully ported the ICS into the Kindle Fire.

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