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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for submitting state-required benefits for 2022?

HHS is finalizing July 1, 2022 as the deadline for states to submit to HHS their annual reports for 2022 on state-required benefits pursuant to 45 CFR 156.111 (d) and (f).

How do I verify my dependents with benefitslink?

Upload to BenefitsLink (preferred): Log in to > click on Verify My Dependents. Upload your documents. Fax: Fax to PeopleLink at 859-372-2176.

How do I enroll in the Schneider Electric retirement benefits center?

If you are a retiree and have questions about pension, retiree medical, or retiree life; contact the Schneider Electric Retiree Benefits Center at 1-800-964-8843 Schneider Electric Please type directly into your web browser to access the benefits enrollment site, BenefitsLink. Ensure you save

When can I contribute to my HSA for 2022?

If you elected a Health Care FSA in 2021 and enroll in a CDHP + HSA option for 2022, the balance in your FSA must be zero by December 31, 2021 for HSA contributions to begin in January. Otherwise, neither you nor the Company can contribute to your HSA until April 2022.

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