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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at Seattle's Pier 58?

Two construction workers were taken to a hospital after the pier partially collapsed. (CNN) Several people were rescued from Elliott Bay in Seattle after Pier 58 collapsed, according to tweets from the city's police and fire departments.

What happened to the pier at Seattle Aquarium?

Pier 58, the structure supporting a park between the Seattle Aquarium and a ferris wheel, gave way Sunday about a month after officials discovered it had moved inches away from the land. City officials say seven workers were on the pier wearing flotation devices when it began to collapse.

What happened at Elliott Bay Pier?

As demolition crews worked to cut away heavy concrete planters that surrounded a bronze fountain, alarms rang out at about 4 p.m. The seven workers scrambled to evacuate as a 15,000-square-foot chunk of the pier, adjacent to the Seattle Aquarium, plunged into Elliott Bay, sending two men into the water.

What happened to the pier at Harborview Park?

Susan Gregg, a spokesperson for Harborview, said the two men who were transported did not have life-threatening injuries. The pier, a structure supporting Seattle Waterfront Park, was closed about a month ago when city officials discovered the pier had substantially shifted away from land.

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