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Frequently Asked Questions

Does zinc help with sex drive?

Not to levels that aren't healthy mind you. The reason this helps with sex drive is studies show women with higher levels of testosterone have a higher sex drive, so this can help a woman match her partner's desire to make love. Zinc also plays a role in other hormones essential to a woman's sexual and reproductive health.

What are the benefits of magnesium for men?

Magnesium helps regulate levels of calcium, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals. Magnesium helps regulate zinc levels in the body to support healthy erectile function. Adequate daily magnesium intake is slightly lower for younger men than for those in their 30s and older.

How can essential minerals improve your sex life?

Another way is by ensuring your intake of essential minerals is maintained. Zinc is incredibly important for males and females when it comes to sexual health. For men, zinc is one of the few minerals that'll positively affect the sex hormone testosterone. As you might already know, millions of men struggle with lagging testosterone levels.

Can magnesium boost your sex drive?

You can ask your doctor for a test for your magnesium levels. How it works: Magnesium makes it harder for your testosterone to bind onto proteins and allows for more of it to remain “free” in your bloodstream – which is exactly how you want it to be for a higher sex drive.

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