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Frequently Asked Questions

Are container ships backed up?

Container ships are backed up due to the supply chain shortage, but that shortage is an economic opportunity for New Orleans. Container ships stack up for nautical mile after mile, unable to get into ports on the west and east coasts, but at the Port of ...

Why is there a shipping backlog?

"The cargo backlogs are mostly due to shortages in shipping capacities: There are not enough dock workers and equipment handling containers at ports, and not enough truck drivers picking up the containers unloaded from container ships," Tao Lu, an associate professor of operations and information management at the University of Connecticut, said in an email.

What are the shipping ports in California?

California Ports. The port has more than 480 acres of maritime properties and 700,000 square feet of enclosed storage located along the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel and is serviced by the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads. The port is part of the West Sacramento State Enterprise Zone and Foreign Trade Zone #143.

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