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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they still make Shopkins?

Well, basically, Shopkins are those small, brightly coloured toy characters in the shape of grocery items. They’re produced by the Australian toy maker Moose Toys, and have been on the market ever since 2014.

Where can you buy Shopkins?

Target, Walgreens, and Walmart fare no better. Whether looking for A Shoppie Doll, a Season 3 figure, Shopkins blind bags, or a rare Season 1 collectible, Amazon is the place to go. There you can Buy Shopkins Online with free 2 day shipping. You can skip the lines and headaches and have Shopkins delivered right to your door step.

How many Shopkins are there total?

A common question that parents ask is How many Shopkins are there total. There are many Shopkins that make up the Shopkinsworld. At current count there are 640 of them. Keeping track of them all can be difficult.

What year did Shopkins come out?

Created by Paul Solomon, Shopkins are the collectible toys created by Australian company Moose Toys that this wiki is all about! They were first released in June 2014.

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