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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make money with Shoprite downtime dollars?

Head over to the new ShopRite Downtime Dollars and click on “Get Started”. It will ask you to log into your Price Plus account. Once in the Downtime Dollars, you will be able to watch videos from various brands to earn dollars.

How do I link my ShopRite Price Plus Club card to downtime dollars?

If you do not have a card, you can get one at, on the ShopRite app or at the customer service counter in store. How do I link my ShopRite Price Plus® Club card number in Downtime Dollars? Because Downtime Dollars is fully integrated into, all you have to do is log in and select Downtime Dollars from the main menu.

Does ShopRite have digital coupons?

Digital Coupon Center. Digital Coupons cannot be combined with other digital coupons on the same item. ShopRite is not responsible for typographical errors including coupon value, picture (or image) of product, coupon description and sizes.

What is the downtime dollars experience?

Downtime Dollars is an interactive experience that rewards you for watching and engaging with advertising from your favorite brands. The digital coupons you earn can be loaded onto your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card and are automatically applied to your next shopping trip at ShopRite. The Downtime Dollars experience is available on

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