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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does ShopRite have in Maryland?

Klein’s ShopRite of Maryland provides full- and part-time employment to more than 900 associates. The company also takes special pride in its “zero-accident” culture, on-the-job safety record, and one of the industry’s lowest worker’s compensation insurance rates.

What is ShopRite?

Welcome to ShopRite, your local grocery store and supermarket Save Time & Money Load before you go

What is uniqueklein's ShopRite doing for the community?

Klein’s ShopRites are active participants in ShopRite’s Partners in Caring Program, and annually provide more than $150,000 in direct support to community-based organizations; a complete list of donation recipients is posted at each store.

When did Klein's Family Markets become ShopRite?

Operating as Klein’s Family Markets, Ralph and his family joined Wakefern in October 2008, becoming the cooperative’s 45th member. Beginning in March, 2009, all Klein’s Family Markets stores transitioned to the ShopRite banner.

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