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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShopRite sell beer?

Brown says the next two stores in the franchise to sell wine this year will be the Fresh Grocer in Wyncote which already sells beer and the East Norriton ShopRite. In 2017, beer and wine will be added to ShopRite locations in Philadelphia.

What is the closest liquor store?

Argonaut Wine & Liquor is the closest liquor store to many of Denver's most popular landmarks, including the Capitol, Civic Center Park and the 16th Street Mall.

Is there a liquor store in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas: Grocery Stores & Markets. There is a liquor/convenience store called the Stage Door next to The Cromwelll, on Flamingo, just east of the Strip. This is right across the street from the Bally's Food Court / Sports Book entrance. Although this is not ON the Strip, it is only a short block off Strip.

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