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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a TV show similar to squid game?

Even though this is not exactly a TV show, it is still a series of movies and it is pretty similar in the premise to Squid Game. 10. High-Rise Invasion (2021- )

Why is squid game so popular on Netflix?

Whether it's because of the deadly games, the intriguing characters, or just the brutal deaths, Squid Game has an appeal that transcends borders, which has made it the first Korean show ever to top Netflix's US charts.

What is squid game about?

Squid Game, Netflix’s latest Korean drama, has grabbed fans with its blend of social criticism, high-stakes thrills, and what-would-you-do moral quandaries. The hit program follows a group of adults who are deeply in debt as they compete in a series of lethal children’s games for literal wealth.

Is Liar Game similar to squid game?

Liar Game is a Japanese TV drama that was also based on a manga series. Directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama, the show is quite close to Squid Game in the sense that Liar Game is also about people playing desperate games for a huge amount of money.

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