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Frequently Asked Questions

What TV shows should I watch if I like the boys?

Shows To Watch If You Like The Boys 1 10 The Umbrella Academy (2019-TBD) 2 9 Preacher (2016-2019) 3 8 Doom Patrol (2019-TBD) 4 7 Titans (2018-TBD) 5 6 Watchmen (2019 Mini-Series) 6 5 Supernatural (2005-2020) 7 4 The Punisher (2017-2019) 8 3 Flash (2014-TBD) 9 2 Good Omens (2019 Mini-Series) 10 1 Legion (2017-2019) More ...

What is the boys on Amazon Prime?

The Boys is a quirky superhero show that critiques the genre. If you enjoyed watching this Amazon Prime show, check out these series. Since its 2019 release on Amazon, The Boys has become an extremely popular television show. There's nothing quite like it, as it teeter totters between crude, superheroes, and a crime show.

Is 'the boys' a dark comedy?

The series often has its moments of dark comedy and asks viewers to imagine a world where superheroes are not held responsible for their actions, and it’s here where the show tries to take a realistic worldview. As The Boys enters its second season, here are a few shows with similar tones that might interest you.

How many seasons of the boys are there?

It has two seasons and there's currently a third in the works. Another similarity between this show and The Boys is that the main cast is constantly at odds with each other and instead of working together, they prefer to do things on their own.

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