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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best custom skin for Sims 4?

Grimcookies is an awesome custom content creator and the lazarus skin blend is a great option for a default skin replacement. This skin blend looks awesome on sims of any skin tone and adds so much dimension to their face.

How many skins are there in the Sims 4?

There are hundreds of default skins out there, but we wanted to compile 25 of our favorite skin overlays and skin mods for The Sims 4 into an easily digestible list so you can find your new favorite skin for your new digital friends. 1. Ethereal Skin Overlay by Bill Sims

How do I get Sims 4 studio on Sims 4?

Install Sims 4 Studio! In the “ Learning Your Tools: Sims4Studio ” guide I will walk you through the install process and setting up the program for first-time use. Now that you have Sims 4 Studio installed, launch the program. These are the categories of fixes currently available for The Sims 4.

What does update skintones do in Sims 4?

Update Skintones – Fixes CC skintones that broke with EA’s skin update, doesnt have sliders. Update Makeup – Fixes CC makeup that does not have sliders. Object Batch Fixes – These will fix errors caused by game updates to Build/Buy mode objects.

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