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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sinomine mean?

Sinomine Resource Group (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002738) is a public company, headquartered in Beijing, China. Sinomine has more than twenty subsidiaries globally.

What does sinomine resource group do?

Sinomine Resource Group Co., Ltd. offers mining services. The Company provides solid mineral and metal exploration, mining, and other services. Sinomine Resource Group also operates international engineering, international trade, and other businesses. NO.

How many employees does sinomine have?

The specialty fluids business employs about 120, primarily located in four facilities in Aberdeen, Scotland; Bergen, Norway; Manitoba, Canada; and Singapore, the spokeswoman said. Sinomine, a joint stock public company headquartered in Beijing, provides geological exploration...

What does sinomine's acquisition of mineral mining mean for its business?

"Mineral mining is core to Sinomine's business, which means that the specialty fluids business will be better aligned within their industrial focus," she said. "In addition, Sinomine's strength in mining and presence in the cesium chemical business will be instrumental in enabling the specialty fluids business to grow," she said.

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