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Frequently Asked Questions

What is siteone used for?

SiteOne frees builders to do what they do best – build homes. We provide the tools to deliver a superior customer experience, share critical information with homeowners, facilitate requests, automate processes, resolve concerns, and manage home records. Who is SiteOne Services?

What is siteone account credit?

SiteOne Account Credit: In just a few simple clicks, redeem points for SiteOne store credit. Use it to pay for an existing invoice; or use the credit like cash at your convenience.

What are siteone’s policies on unauthorized use of the service?

You will not damage, disable, or impair the service. You will not resell or redistribute the service without prior approval from an authorized representative of SiteOne Services, Inc. You will not use third party software, use automated processes or any other method with the intent to breach the security of the service.

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