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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sociobiology in biology?

Definition of sociobiology : the comparative study of social organization and behavior in animals including humans especially with regard to its genetic basis and evolutionary history

Who coined the term sociobiology?

The term sociobiology was popularized by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson in his book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis (1975). Sociobiology attempts to understand and explain animal (and human) social behaviour in the light of natural selection and other biological processes.

What is evolutionary biology in sociology?

Evolutionary biology. Sociobiology is a field of biology that aims to examine and explain social behavior in terms of evolution. It draws from disciplines including ethology, anthropology, evolution, zoology, archaeology, and population genetics.

What is the main idea of Sociology in biology?

Overview. Sociobiology investigates social behaviors such as mating patterns, territorial fights, and pack hunting. It argues that just as selection pressure led to animals evolving useful ways of interacting with the natural environment, it also led to the genetic evolution of advantageous social behavior.

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