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Frequently Asked Questions

What is socionics based on?

The theory is based not only on Carl Jung’s work on cognitive functions, but also a theory called information metabolism. The basic premise of socionics is the same as that of the MBTI; the interaction between Carl Jung’s cognitive functions, both in the “function stack” and in relationship to other people.

What is socsocionics?

Socionics is a modification of Jung's personality type theory that uses eight psychic functions, in contrast to Jung's model, which used only four.

What is the socionics model of personality?

Model A: The foundation of socionics theory. As mentioned previously, Aushra developed socionics, and at its core, she created a model of personality called Model A. Fundamentally, Model A describes how a person metabolizes information through the use of eight information elements in eight different functions.

What are the relations between types in socionics?

One of the most important aspects of Socionics is the relations between types. What that means in other words - is that since certain TIMs (types of information metabolism) are processing information differently, there may be challenges in communication & values. Below are the relations between types (each will be defined at a certain point).

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