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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like being a sociopath?

Sociopath definition: No conscience. They feel nothing for their victims. Absolutely nothing! Such extreme sociopaths are very rare, however. Much more common are the sociopaths who live seemingly normal lives, but who are lying, cheating, swindling and manipulating everybody around them for their own selfish gains.

What are the qualities of a sociopath?

A sign of a sociopath is the ability to maintain eye contact. He does so even while lying. An underhanded trait of a sociopath is the ability to control people through his presence and communication style. He makes eye contact, smiles sincerely and confidently.

What are the early signs of a sociopath?

Common sociopath signs include antisocial behavior as well as a complete lack of both conscience and empathy. A sociopath snakes through life, causing trouble and turmoil with every slither and slide. While the signs of a sociopath are big-time scary, it's important to know what they are to avoid being bitten.

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