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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate soroban examination automatically?

This page offers the possibility to automatically generate PDF, HTML and XLS files of so-called soroban examination. They are exercises based on examples found in books and other sources.

How do I reset the soroban?

Use the Eject button to reset the soroban. With the keyboard: Use the Left and Right arrow keys to choose the column and change the beads with either the number keys or the S, D, F, G, R keys . You can find the virtual soroban (for offline use) and only that on this page. new

What is the best book to learn the soroban?

If you need a more formal approach in the form of lessons, try our basics page, or [1] and [2]. I have learned to use the soroban with the help of the very good book "Le boulier, Initiation" by Jean Cumin and Jean Hossenlopp (published by Chiron in french). I have also read "The Japanese abacus, Its use and theory" , the book of Takashi Kojima.

What are the parts of a soroban?

They are biconal, (made of 2 cones), with a thin slice that made it easier to manipulate bead and move them up and down. The frame is the black outline that holds together the soroban parts. The beam (also called the reckoning bar) is the bar that splits the soroban in 2 horizontally.

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