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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does soroban want you to go to Hells' lid?

Nevertheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and so Soroban bids you journey to Hells' Lid, where you are to undertake this preliminary endeavor. Soroban and Tataru join you in Hells' Lid not long after you arrive, and there you discuss the petitioner's curious request: that you "quell the oni dwelling in the deepest depths" of the island.

How did beyondbunchin find out about soroban's situation?

Bunchin is already aware of Soroban's circumstances, having been informed via a missive from Genbu delivered by a most unusual cat.

Where can I find dive in soroban we trust?

In Soroban We Trust is the name of the quest that rewards you with the ability to dive, and it is a Level 63 story quest located in Tamamizu, in The Ruby Sea area. It's a simple quest that simply involves speaking with Alisaie and then speaking with Lyse.

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