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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most famous South African leader?

Famous South African Leaders. Find out more about the greatest South African , including Nelson Mandela, Cecil Rhodes, Jacob Zuma, Desmond Tutu and Shaka.

Who is the current president of South Africa?

President of South Africa. The Constitution limits the president's time in office to two five-year terms. The first president to be elected under the new constitution was Nelson Mandela. The incumbent is Cyril Ramaphosa, who was elected by the National Assembly on 15 February 2018 following the resignation of Jacob Zuma .

Who was the first Prime Minister of South Africa?

Famous South African Prime Ministers and Presidents Jacobus Boshoff, 2nd President of the Orange Free State (1808–1881) Louis Botha, Boer commander-in-chief and 1st Prime Minister of South Africa (1862–1919) Pieter Willem Botha, 9th and last Prime Minister and 8th State President of South Africa (1916–2006)

Who is South African president Cyr Ramaphosa?

Also the president of South Africa's popular political party African National Congress (ANC), Ramaphosa played a key role during the nation's transition to democracy during which he served as ANC's chief negotiator. He also played a crucial role in ending apartheid and was considered Nelson Mandela's political heir.

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