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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the three flags of South Africa in 1928?

The three flags were the flag of the Orange Free State, the UK red ensign flag, and at the center was the flag of the South African Republic. The country at the time was torn, with different territories taking on different flags. In 1928, there was the red ensign flag with the flag of Britain at the top left corner.

What is the meaning of the South African flag?

Orange, white, and blue horizontal stripes, on the white stripe, a backwards Union Flag towards the hoist, the Orange Free State flag hanging vertically and the Flag of Transvaal, towards the fly. Used for both the Union and later Republic of South Africa

What was the Union of South Africa flag in 1910?

Union of South Africa 1910–1928. The official national flag of the Union of South Africa was the British Union Flag from 31 May 1910 to 30 May 1928; and together with the South African national flag from 31 May 1928 to 05 April 1957. A coat-of-arms was later duly granted by Royal Warrant on 17 September 1910.

What is the history of South Africa’s flag badges?

The British colonies that existed in the 19th century flew the British flags, and from the early 1870s some, i.e. Natal, Cape Colony, and later the Orange River Colony and the Transvaal, added their own colonial flag badges. The Union of South Africa, formed in 1910, initially used a red ensign defaced with a badge depicting the Union coat of arms.

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